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Date: 05-01-2019

AFC Asian Cup 2019: Fixtures, full schedule, date, time and venues

Groups - AFC Asian Cup 2019

Group A: UAE, Bahrain, India, Thailand
Group B: Australia, Syria, Jordan, Palestine
Group C: South Korea, China, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines
Group D: Iran, Iraq, Vietnam, Yemen
Group E: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanon, North Korea
Group F: Japan, Uzbekistan, Oman, Turkmenistan

While the hosts UAE will play the tournament opener against Bahrain on Saturday, India will face Thailand in their first match on Sunday. Four-time champions Japan will take Turkmenistan on January 9 and holders Australia will play Palestine in their first match on January 11.

The tournament will be played across eight venues in the UAE.

Abu Dhabi venues: Zayed Sports City Stadium, Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium, Al Nahyan Stadium

Dubai venues: Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum Stadium and Al-Maktoum Stadium

Al Ain venues: Hazza bin Zayed Stadium and Khalifa bin Zayed Stadium
Sharjah venue: Sharjah Stadium

Full schedule - AFC Asian Cup

Match Group City Date Time (in IST)
UAE vs Bahrain A Abu Dhabi January 5 9:30 pm
Australia vs Jordan B Abu Dhabi January 6 4:30 pm
India vs Thailand A Abu Dhabi January 6 7 pm
Syria vs Palestine B Sharjah January 6 9:30 pm
China vs Kyrgyzstan C Al Ain January 7 4:30 pm
South Korea vs Philippines C Dubai January 7 7 pm
Iraq vs Vietnam D Abu Dhabi January 8 7 pm
Saudi Arabia vs North Korea E Dubai January 8 9:30 pm
Japan vs Turkmenistan F Abu Dhabi January 9 4:30 pm
Uzbekistan vs Oman F Sharjah January 9 7 pm
Qatar vs Lebanon E Abu Dhabi January 9 9:30 pm
Bahrain vs Thailand A Dubai January 10 4:30 pm
Jordan vs Syria B Al Ain January 10 7 pm
India vs UAE A Abu Dhabi January 10 9:30 pm
Palestine vs Australia B Dubai January 11 4:30 pm
Philippines vs China C Abu Dhabi January 11 7 pm
Kyrgyzstan vs South Korea C Abu Dhabi January 11 9:30 pm
Vietnam vs Iran D Abu Dhabi January 12 4:30 pm
Yemen vs Iraq D Sharjah January 12

`7 pm

Lebanon vs Saudi Arabia E Dubai January 12 9:30 pm
North Korea vs Qatar E Al Ain January 13 4:30 pm
Oman vs Japan F Abu Dhabi January 13 7 pm
Turkmenistan vs Uzbekistan F Dubai January 13 9:30 pm
UAE vs Thailand A Abu Dhabi January 14 9:30 pm
India vs Bahrain A Sharjah January 14 9:30 pm
Palestine vs Jordan B Al Ain January 15 7 pm
Australia vs Syria B Abu Dhabi January 15 7 pm
South Korea vs China C Abu Dhabi January 16 7 pm
Kyrgyzstan vs Philippines C Dubai January 16 7 pm
Vietnam vs Yemen D Abu Dhabi January 16 9:30 pm
Iran vs Iraq D Dubai January 16 9:30 pm
Oman vs Tukmenistan F Abu Dhabi January 17 7 pm
Japan vs Uzbekistan F Al Ain January 17 7 pm
Lebanon vs North Korea E Abu Dhabi January 17 9:30 pm
Saudi Arabia vs Qatar E Sharjah January 17 9:30 pm

Round of 16

January 20 (Three matches)

January 21 (Three matches)

January 22 (Two matches)

Quarter-final - January 24 and 25 in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Semi-final - January 28 and 29 in Abu Dhabi

Final - February 1 in Abu Dhabi

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