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Date: 10-01-2019

Russian scientists create an asthma treatment that is unrivaled in the world

The researchers at the Institute of Immunology of the Federal Medical Biomedical Agency have come up with a preparation that allows patients to get rid of suffocation attacks. Scientists say that this drug affects the cause of the disease and does not fight the symptoms.


The drug has successfully passed all preclinical tests and scientists have proven from tests on laboratory mice that inhalation of the product leads to a significant reduction in the extent of bronchitis.

The inventor of this substance at the molecular level blocks the production of the "comet" protein in the inflammation of the "interleukin-4", which causes the development of allergies, said the director of the institute, Moussa Khaitov.

Professor Johnston of the Royal College of London said in a statement that the United States and Britain are also conducting research and studies in this area, but Russian scientists have shown that interleukin-4 plays a key role in the development of airway inflammation. .

Professor Olga Vyodorova, a specialist in allergies and immunology, said: "The medicine is unrivaled in the world."

Source: Novosti

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